dimanche 16 novembre 2008

dash bilan

This time for our weekly running activities, we decided to do some "relais" race on 800m and 400m.

Teams were nicely done, strong runner were split and every team have equal chance to win the race.
Also in order to spice up a little bit the thing, the losing team had to offer energy/protein drinks to the winners :)

Its obvious everyone motivation get rise up as nobody wanted to waste the chance of the team. We all give our best, specially Kotetsu because as me he is a "occasional" runner. good job man
(i will do a post abput my gym bro soon, but you can already have a look at them here :http://www.shibukichi.com/scramble/fighters.html )

Result : i get a drink, but i also loose my legs for 3 dayz

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