vendredi 7 novembre 2008

ready for the week end

Once again a lot of event this week end.

You already know about the AJKF event, but there is two more event at wich i will attend on sunday.

First the J-net event named "J-FIGHT in SHINJUKU~vol.6~"
My team mate Koji is the main event. If he win that fight, he will next fight for the title.
The last time i saw Koji fight was during a 1 day tournament in wich he beat the #1 of his ranking, in the final he did well until he get stop by the doctor because of a deep cut.
He is hungry to get back on the ring, cant wait to see that fight.

Right after this fight, all the scramble crew is gonna rush untill Diffa Ariake to assist Masuda's match in the event :
"M-1 FAIRTEX SINGHA BEER ムエタイチャレンジ Legend of elbows2008"
Once again Masuda is gonna take on a Thai fighter.
For remind, in his last fight in may Masuda did get the decision after a really hard fight against a top ranker Radjadamnern nakmuay.
report here :

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