mardi 11 novembre 2008

Sunday bloody sunday

Sunday was a sad day for the scramble gym, Both fighters lose by decisions.

I dont know if Koji wan't really in the fight or if he was just too carefull, but it result in being too long to get in the fight during the first round. Too much observation and he received too much hit.
In the second he start to lend some good middle, and for the last round start working the clinch.
But that wasnt enought to compensate the lost score earlier, Koji knew it.

Then M-1 event, what to say?...
Masuda's opposent was just too tall, too skilled and too strong.
A clinch speciallist, his knee looked very powerfull (specially in the nuts...2times low blow :-/...)
Masuda couldnt find a strategie, but keept up coming back at it, during all the 5 rounds.

Watching them in tough situations like that remind me the hardness of the sports.
Both of them, facing a stronger opponent or having to catch up with a already lost score, still they never gave up and keep going until the final gong.

I will work on my mind too, thanks for the lesson :)

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