jeudi 5 février 2009

the last but not the least...

to end the week end on a exciting note, our dear Wentz was facing the super fly weight champion from M.A.

for the occasion wentz made a new costume. lets just say that its looking good...........on him ;)

This interfederation fight was a super fight 3*3rounds.

Because super fly is very light, they use very light gloves :
(damned 6OZ in your face!!)
It started straight with hard blow from both.

Wentz was very complete, kick, punch, elbows, jumping knees,...
He was also moving very well, nive step works, with good moves. Varying his attack and defense at a good pace.

but i also was scared at some moments, like when during sending a knee he get countered by a big hook in the face. Fortunatly it wasnt enought to rock wentz out.

In the last round, the M.A champion did throw a good elbow that cut wentz on the forehead (6points) but it wasnt blooding that much so after a quick medical check the fight went to the decision in favor of our scramble mate.

congratz Wentz, we can all go relax ourself now...

what?? its already work tomorow morning?!?

report here :

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