mardi 3 mars 2009

get a break..

I have a feeling like this year is gonna be busy and on high level, so i accorded myself a lil bit of vacations in advance.

For that, i decided to go to the place surnamed "the closest island from paradise"...and it really is!!

after nine little hours of fly, on debarcation the "tarmac"already smelt like holidays :)


So briefly,
 i went sight seing:


of course sun bathing and swimimg :

also i burned quite weel from the very first day
Lucky me there is plenty of "aloe vera" to calm the skin:

sometimes you just can totaly quit a passion,even for just few days,

 Here "le bombardier des iles" showed me he can kick too:
if you wonder why the gym look like a balcony, well its because its a balcony. 
 Right, boyz in new-cali are pretty hardcore!! ahaha

I really had an awesome stay, im gonna miss all these views and the people there

See you all soon!!

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Adi Herawan a dit…


you are now a real riverstar gangsta, Bro !!

keep strong