mercredi 25 mars 2009

Long week end - part 3

Because Fame never last long.... have to enjoy every second of it :P

So the scramble gym put up a party in ebisu, at the Ambassadeur Hotel, s'il vous plait!

I should have know better that going to a celebration without preparing a speach would have been a bad idea. But even much more a bad idea when you are supposed to do the speach in japanese....

Thanks to my Bro T.Pain (the real one, not the MTV rapper) help me to translate some stuff and all went well.

ok time to go for the missed-pics now : 

Wentz and his belt "up and down"

Damned, the belt caught again my attention,
 lets do it again!

Alright one more,....BIN WAKE UP!

ok ok lets do one more.
Ohh sh....ok nice one lets give up :P

Later the party continued in another place, even Akeomi Nitta came to say hello.
Tokyo is great :)

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