dimanche 29 mars 2009

nothing to do this saturday?.. what about Killing your legs?

I usually spend my saturday at staying in bed late, watching stupid video on youtube, having a good breakfast, training at gym lighter than during the week, then relaxing with friends.

But not today!
 As i had planned to order (again) a new mouthpiece in yokohama, it went just on the right timing for a special training sesion around yokohama with my team mates Itakura, Wentz, Koji, and Takuro.

Because we are all badass fans of dragon ball and jacky-chan movie, doing a training who consist of running trought +100 steps of  the stairs of a temple didnt sound strange to any of us.

Here are the stairs :
So once you arrive half way, hard to look up when all you have in front of you is...more steps :

Here is the charming temple where you can try to recover your breath once you finally reached the exactly 174 steps :

Then each time you reach the top, you now have to get back to the bottom of all these steps.
Yepp still pretty long even view from the top, you cant even see the departure from there :

Ok, we spoted the place, now lets change in the bottom of the stairs, next to the highway.
(doesnt that sound strange?)
 gladely it wasnt so cold this afternoon.

See that? your legs worst nightmare

Also when we heard that the WBC champion Naito had said that doing the full stairs 10 times is already a lot, we also decided that we would make it 12!!! 
yeah this is how we roll :)

Notice how we look so happy at the begining.

And after the 6th set, i seriously wanted to give up...
...but give up didnt sound right in the ears of my team mates.

Its not very clear on the video, but my leg couldnt even stand without squeezing from spasm.

GO! GO! GO!  LAST 300steps!

"Can you walk without gripping the ramp?
 neither do i."

BIG NEWS : Bruce Lee isnt dead, he is just chilling around yokohama:


After that, we took the best decision to go to onsen for well deserved relax time.
 Sorry no pictures for that one.

Then we relax a lil bit in our way before to get back home, 

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