lundi 23 mars 2009

that was one long fullfilled week end

first of all, 
on this national day off of friday my friend Max had a match in shin karate event, K2.

If you never heard about it, quickly its exacly like kickboxing (k1 form) but on a tatami, + you have to throw at least 8kick in the round.  dont ask me why about this last rule.

Also its a competition strictly for amateur fighters. its like a transition for the fighters from karate who wants to go on the professional kickboxing firection.
Fighters wears a gi (kimono if you prefer) and shin protection.

Fights are 1round of 2min only, as you can imagine there is no time to work on your opponent weakness. you just give it all from the begining until the final gong.

Here is a video of the k3 final (its like K2 except they wear a headgear)

So we arrived at 11am for the sart of the event, unfortunatly Max fighting in 85kg we had to wait until 6pm for his fight categorie to start.
 His fight was the number 103 on the schedule...So we spend most time of the day waiting, waiting, and also waiting.

But the wait didnt get on his "apetite for destruction", Max won easily his fight unanimously.

He is now selected to participate in the "K2 grand prix". thats gonna be a tournament with the other 85kg winners of the day.

good luck to him!!

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aurelien a dit…

bravo a ton pote !!

chock dee pour le 18 avril

peut etre a un de ses jours en thailande ou pourquoi pas au japon