lundi 20 avril 2009

that was the first time...

...i was fighting a thai guy, and like most of first time im never gonna forget it.

It was truely a richfull experience.
I could learn a lot during that 5 rounds.

But first, let me put you in the mood of the fight.

First of all, useless to say i was a lil bit stress about all this.
First time against a thai guy, who (of course) have a good record of +80 fights, with +60won.

Also the fight was agreed at 70kg wich from my last experience resulted as a bad KO lost for me (2007 against Hakuto)

And specially, i havent been fighting for the last 5 month.

Fortunatly, my scramble boyZ show me the way of the victory.
Endo managed to take the decision, i was impressed by the work he achieved on his steps.

from what i remember his opponent was facing trouble to reach him.

Then Naoto step up with an impressive KO victory in 1:25min only.

Just like he told me before his match :


Thanks to them both, from there i started to get a real positive mind about my match.

All the fight on the card went well.
The crowd could assist some nice tecnicks, some ko, and start to became a crowd on fire.
Nobody wasnt shy anymore to scream asking for action... ...It was the good time for my fight to come.

In the blue corner Kuntap entered the ring in first, on a good sound mix of big bass and traditional thai sound.
Im not the kind of waiting too long on the way to the rig, so ijust choose a music that pumped me up to go straight on the ring.

Then We started straight each other our own way-kru, the traditional dance use by thai fighters before the match. (its not usually used in ajkf)
I think Kuntap may have been surprised thad i did one.
Actually, It was a surprise for me as well, first i didnt plan to make one.
But when i heard that Kuntap was doing one, no way i would keep standing and waiting for him to finish.

So I ask my trainer Bin if he could teach me a good one, wich he nicely did. Thanks trainer.

After litteraly throwing some arrows (wich he mimed he broke), the fight finally started.

I was very carefull, cause i knew that his kick are used to break some ribbs.

Effectively i was carefull, or maybe i was just impressed, or maybe i just respected Kuntap a lil bit too much (to tell you the truth, im a fan of him since im arrived in tokyo);
anyway it resulted on me observing and trying too much to counter instead of being the aggresser.
Still it was a good choice to be carefull at first.
By the end of the second round his heavy middle kicks already did damage by lending on my elbow.

From the third round, i could get used to his kick and started to see them coming a lil bit more, and even catch them sometimes.

That remind me, how i was impressed by the good balance of kuntap.
Besides once or twice in early rounds, then i coulndt get him unballanced anymore for the rest of the fight. its not even balanced, its more like if i was trying to kick a tree, he wasnt moving at all.

But in an other hand, one thing that surprised me is that i could throw some good knees during the clinch. maybe he was just recovering during the clinch instead of placing some knees i dont know, still i could do well and try to go more in the clinch.

Everytime i get to my corner for the interval, i asked them how they find the fight was going. before the last round they absolutely recommand me to rush and give everything.

So i did, beside my elbow i didnt had any damage, it was the last round, the "all or nothing".
As a kamikaze, i just went forward. I need to check a video, but from what i remember i could throw some kicks, elbows, knees and few uppercut.
Thats probably what made the difference in the whole fight and help to give me the victory.
i get the decision from only 1point difference 49:48/50:49/50:49

Fight was very tough, i get kicked stronger than i ever experienced, and frustrated of not being able to control the fight as im doing usually.
For this reason i wasnt really satisfy of my performance and didnt feel like the reel winner.

But i would say most important beyond win or loose, i could enrich my experience.
To me, in that fight following a gameplan and keeping control of your mind was much more important than using power to rush on the opponent.

i will try to apply that again to my next fights...

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Anonyme a dit…

si nous pouvons voir ce match peut etre pourrons nous te donner un avis exterieur


Didier a dit…

Purée Chris t'assure !!! Tu as la vidéo ? j'ai trop envie de la matter , encore bravo !!!

David a dit…

Bravo chris, j'espère qu'on pourra voir ton combat ;)