lundi 18 mai 2009

bon voyage mon pote

After 2 weeks of hollidays in japan, my old friend John had to go back to french's Alps.

This 2weeks were quite busy between, yakohama's port 150years celebration, odaiba, sumo tournament, thai festival, Koji's title match, nightclubs (just a little ;), so many delicious restaurants, birthday partys, asakusa's matsuri, boat trip...and much more.

Ahhh i need hollidays too :)

Bon retour mon pote

1 commentaire:

John a dit…

Huge thanks for you !!!
That was so great holidays !
As you said, so much busy but so exciting and intense.

Japan is so great country, I falled in love with it (and maybe with japanese girls too ;))

Keep on sarcin mon pote ! ;)