vendredi 8 mai 2009


Big up to Koji, last wednesday he gave everything in his title match for the J-NET welter belt.

He was maybe too much carefull in the early rounds (does that remind you someone?).
But then from the 4th round he didnt stop going forward and kicking like a crazy.

At the end of the 5th an extra round was needed to demark them.

In that 6th round he really going in strong, he was the agressor during all the round, his stamina was great.
I think his best weapon was his mental. He seemed unstopable.
Big up to you my friend!!

and one more belt a the scramble, that make it 5!

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John a dit…

I can say : John was here !
That was one of my first kickboxing match, and it was so great !
Koji did it !
Congratulation Champ ! :)