lundi 22 juin 2009


thats all i have in mind right now...

I may have won the decision yesterday, but Victory doesnt taste good at all this time, 

Is that the face of a winner ? 

Aha i dont think so.

To tell the truth,  in one hand im glad i could keep the fight going with a heavier and more experienced thai fighter.

In another hand i really didnt fought as i should have do, i took way too much damages (actually its the first time i get that much damage in a fight), and didnt listen enough to my corner mens.

Finally the more the fights are coming the more im facing dangerous opponents.

So definitly I have to train harder and fight more seriously, if i want to continue on this road of fight life.

Easy to say...

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Anonyme a dit…

Bestiale la tête que tu tires sur la photos LOL , c'est comme sa qu'on t'aimes , tu ne te prend pas au sérieux , t'es trop cool . Bravo pour ton fight