samedi 15 août 2009


Yeah its on and official, next sunday 13th september, at diffa ariake tokyo, M-1 event, my next fight is up!

Im gonna face the world famous Naruepol Fairtex.
His record is about 219 fights for 171 wins.
Achievements :
Lumpini Welter champion in 1999 (against chokdee Por Pramuk)
And champion of thailand in 2001.

He fought recently a lot in europe at 70kg, under rules with no elbow and clinch.
But im gonna take him at his best weight of welter weight, and full muay thai rules (elbows and clinch ok).

Actually to tell you the truth, i am myself a HUGE fan of him.
So when the offer arrived to me i didnt hesitated to accept the defi.

Now, as a mark of my respect, im gonna give everything to make it a hard fight.

Here is few of his recent fights video, how not to become fan of him?!? ;)

As you can see, he is a real technician, with a very tight guard and a long reach.
Did i told you he is 1m80?

Yeah, i must really love challenges!!

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