mercredi 16 septembre 2009

Vs Naruepol epilogue...

I lost on points after 5rounds, but i think i had actually lost the fight before to step in the ring.

I was stressed, scared ans unsure about that fight and was putting Naruepol too much on a pedestal.

I forget the number 1 rule of the sport : "always believe in yourself!!"

Once in the ring i was a little bit relieve to see that 1m80cm isnt that tall finally.
Small relieve, cause for the rest he is as good a i guessed.

Basicly he just waited for me the whole 5 rounds, seing coming, countering, cancelling all my attacks.
Of course in that case i usually calm the pace and wait too, but He his the KING i have to go make the fight, he doesnt have too.

Globally i dont pretend i could won that one, but for sure i could have make a better fight.
The main enemy was myself here, my stress was keeping me from expressing correctly my body. I was just tense and predictable, couldnt express my boxing or kicks as usual.

His kicks, were by far the most painfull i ever received, Even more than kuntap who is pretty much a bone crusher.
Naruepol kicks are :
1) very fast,
2) terribly precise, (always the same spot on my rib)
3) have an incredible long reach,
4) snap your skin until middle of your back, leaving after shock a sensation like being sting by bees. im not jocking!

Even if he wasnt in danger, there was no playing around.
he was still serious, Tight guard, alert, and sending his kicks full power.

My corner mens from scramble gym, that i really wna thanks, did a great job. Cheering for me, trying to get som new gameplan every rounds.

I think somewhere in round 4 or 5 during clinch i could touch him with an elbow in the head, but unfortunatly it didnt let any damage.

In the last round, i thought i was getting usd to his speed and body language.
At some point after missing one of my low kick, i could feel a middle coming. That was a mistake of considerating is speed and reach, he caught me right under the chin.

I fall sit on my ass, luckily it was more the surprise than a bad domage that send me down. I get counted but still fine.

in the end, no surprise, he won unanimly the figth 46-50 from all judges.

i knew this fight would be dificult, but i was disapointed at myself not doing better against the top level fighter he is.

Fidel to the great man he is, Naruepol talked to me in the locker room.
He Saw i was disapointed in my fight, he told me not to give up and keeping going in the sports.

Rhaaa he is so cool, impossible to get mad at him. i respect him even more now.

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