jeudi 22 octobre 2009

OKINAWA Ishigaki island

Just back from Ishigaki island, and was just WONDERFULL!!

wasnt that easy to go there, had to take one first plane to okinawa, then one more to ishigaki and even one boat to Taketomi island.

bike trip on taketomi island

On the boat, ready to dive

First thing i could notice, its quite preserved there. No 7/eleven & drink machine every ten meters.

Also along the beach they really keep it very natural and wild.

you wont find any cafe/restaurant/terrasse/resort along the beach, letting you admire a truely beautifull scenery.

Other than that, most of people can speak some english, was quitte impressed.
Life there is also cheaper, taxi, restaurant, car location doesnt cost that much.

Really wish to go again at least once

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