mercredi 17 février 2010

Caol Uno!!

I was feeling lazy today, and with the cold here in tokyo i was really hesitant about rather going to gym, or.....going to meet my bed.

Turn out the gym is always the good choice (of course).
Not only there wasnt many scramble guys (3with me) letting more time with trainer to improve technics;
But specially right at the end of the training i saw a familliar face entering scramble :

CAOL UNO, thats right baby!!

I immediatly catch my camera to ask him a picture, and second big surprise, he heard about me and said he likes my style. and here i am blushing like a school girl :)

More seriously he is gonna fight at the world known UFC next march. In UFC elbows are allowed and its a new horizon Uno woud love to explore.

He can count on me anytime to work on it!!

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