vendredi 19 mars 2010

27.....turning point?

So rude of me, in my previous post im talking about retirement ceremony without explaining the reasons.

Actually since end of last year, around my 27 birthday, i started to feel something different about me and my life in japan.

I still enjoy it and am gratefull for the way things have evolved these last 5 years.

I did lots of fights, experienced lots of strongs feelings, discovered more about peoples, about japan, and also a lot lot lot about myself.

I feel like i achieved enought, and thats its now time for a new start in my life.

Thats why i took the decision to come back to europe.

I dont really have a speciffic idea about what i will do at the moment. But i feel like every doors are open and i should try my luck with anything i feel like.

As much as i love kickboxing & muay thai, other center of interest have started to pill up in my mind.
Travelling, Relationship, Buisness, spending more time with my familly,....and many other things we will see.

Maybe im gonna open an icecream shop in geneva, come have a look someday :)

Still before that, a last challenge is coming up....more info soon...

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