lundi 29 mars 2010

Here we are :)

An easy resume of the day in picture :

Leaving Narita sunday afternoon at 18:45pm with singapore airline. Certainly the best airline when you need to travel for 8h straight.

Thats it, after the custome control and other boring paper works, we could get our first view of Los angeles at 12pm still sunday....yeah so cool to go back in time :)

Yes, where we are staying at...i know life is hard....he he he

And now the hardest part of fighting in USA, following and even more finding food that wont make you feel fatter than you never felt> Guess wich plate is mine ;)

3 commentaires:

John a dit…

Yeahhhh ! La classe américaine !
Genre, tu vas manger de la salade ! ;)
Good luck bro ! Beat them all !

Anonyme a dit…

Chris-san. Not sure if you would have a chance to see this message before the fight, but I hope you win by knock out and make a beautiful ending.

Oh by the way, I am the guy who attended your class most of the times and spoke to you quite a few times. Have not even told you my name yet, haha, but hopefully we have a chance to exchage contact information before you leave Japan. Anway I hope you come back to Japan with the biggest glory!!
We will all miss you and your great class!!

chris a dit…

Glad you enjoyed my class.
thanks for support, fight will be this saturday night, with the time difference its gonna be sunday afternoon for japan.

Sure im feeling good, and go for the victory!!