dimanche 11 avril 2010

Day of the fight

Discovering the venue, inside a hangar so nicely decorated.
Entrance bring you threw beautiful thai style ornement

Thats where the VIP party is gonna be after the fights

AFTER we said!

And all of this, just in the middle of nowhere :
Startin to get ready

Watching friends fights on the small TV

Nat did a great fight against the well famous and decorated
Well done Nat!

Ok its my turn now, tension is high in the locker

As the video is not working, i will put another entry about the fight soon

Yeah back in the locker with the belt.
Honestly, belt isnt that important, its against who you get it that count.
And im proud to say it was against one of my favory fighter Malaipet "the diamond"

After a quick beer, it was time to move to another after party at......
Malaipet's gym!
yeah quite surprising isnt it?

Its all about sports, no bad feeling.
If we could have knock out each other we would have,
But now its time to relax :)

Oh yeaahhahah that was delicious, you betcha!!

The fairtex representant of san francisco! great guys

I Didnt drink so much on that night, im always being carefull after a fight.
Even thought it was my last.

Get to bed then the next day we went sight seing :

Speak for itself

Muscle beach and his freaks

Paying a visit to Arnold's old office

High view of santa monica

Last diner with all the duuuuuudes

Yeah there was lots of wine

Last group picture, before we parted ways

And already time to go home.
DAaaamned it went all sooooo fast!!

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