samedi 3 avril 2010

Weight in day

Oooooh yeah it was a long day today.

Wake up early and kick it by the sauna to be sure to be at the right weight,

not so much to lose but it wasnt that easy.
i usually prefer hot bath over Dry sauna.
it really sucks too much energy out of your body.

everybody is happy, everybody is on weight.
relaxing on the bay, calm before the storm

Here he is, my opponent. just like i imagined him.

149.9lbs just perfect!

See the belt behind?
one is for the winner of our fight, im really gonna give everything for it

back to some serious food. it's been a long time

And some more food, while watching familly guy.
love those moments, happy that diet is over and already thinking of the fight

Dinner with Chisa san, thanks to you i am at this event :)

Shhhhhhhhu they are just next to us...

2 commentaires:

sayaka a dit…

Goog luck!!
I hope that you'll get belt!!!!

sayaka a dit…