vendredi 10 octobre 2008

Komya vs Saenchai Sor Kingstar

Good challenge for my japanese frien Komya, to take on a legend like Saenchai Sor Kingstar.
Also, handicap for the thai to accept the match at 67kg (the guy fight usually around 61kg if im correct)

That was the main event, needless to say the crowd was on fire for this bout.
Just have a look at the presentation of the fighters :

As expected Saenchai is incredebly skilled, and show his signature's kick from the second round.

But althought Komya received a down in second round from punch, he did come back very well by using dangerous combinations.

Still the experience of the +200fights keep the thai from getting any damages.

Here is a video i took during the first round.
Its absolutely NOT representative of the fight as its the first minute of the first round (then i get bored and stop recording)

Good thing to komya to get 5 rounds with the one considered as "the best pound for pound" nakmuay of the moment.

Keep it up my friend

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