vendredi 10 octobre 2008

Japanese kickboxing

If somebody would have told me 3 years ago i would go into kickboxing, i would have say something like"Whut?!?".

What i didnt know at the time is that japanese kickboxing (like AJKF) is pretty similar to muay thai. You can use "Hidji"(elbows), "Hisa"(knee), even "KUBIZUMO"(clinch) is allowed.

Most of the bout are 3 rounds of 3 min (1minute interval between each)with an extra round in case of draw.
Except for Titles match, Internationals match (with foreigner guest) and some tournaments wich are in 5 rounds.

Also there are different organisations of kickboxing here in japan. Im not gonna tell every specificity about them all, but quicly :

- AJKF : ok, you know already.
- NJKF : new japan kickboxing fed. Like precedent
- SKB : shin nihon kickboxing fed. (shin = new) also same
- J-NET WORK: still same (prononcé en français ca me fait toujours marrer)
- M-1: real muay thai, always some thai fighters on the card
- RISE : k1 rules, punchs scores a lot, quick-clinch allowed
- SHOOTBOXING : they wear pants, and can submit during stand up (armlock, strangulation,..)

Of course there are some other organisations (MARTIAL ARTS,...) but i will tell about once i will have been to one of their event.
For now im talking mostly about organisation where scramble fighters are competing.

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