jeudi 20 novembre 2008

S-CUP tournament 2008

Yes, thats gonna be next monday, in saitama super arena:

Have a look on the card :As you can see there are the well famous Andy Souwer, Ogata, Shishido, Brian Lo-A- njoe , and the rising Denis Schneldmiller, + some new faces from mma.

- Good to see more europeans in the mix.

- Concerning the guys from MMA , in my mind i would have prefer to see other thai/kickboxer.

- Nice to see Ogata taking challenge. His first opposent, Brian Lo-A- njoe put him ko last year. Looks like its time for revenge.

- I have seen only two fight from Denis Schneldmiller. One against Yoshihiro Sato in max, and the second against Malapeit. He lost both (robbed against Malapeit IMO) but he is a good hope.
He can take damage, and he have a good stamina.
Surprise us Denis!!

I will be there, hopefully if im not too far i will try to get pics and vidéos.

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