mercredi 19 novembre 2008


All right, here is the poster of my next fight, and not hte least.
Iits gonna be for the title of champion of japan in welter weight, my opposant (the actual champion) is Yuya Yamamoto.

Im kind of disapointed that the wrestlers have a bigger spot than me on the poster.
But hey, its just a poster afterall.

Also on the card will be the light weight title match, and middle weight title match.

On the right you have already all recognise Kohiruimaki.
he is supposed to fight "Ash-ra" wich i dont know yet, but from what i have heard it should be a easy fight for Kohiruimaki.

the guy on the left is Maeda, i dont know who is his opposent , i dont even know why he get such a big spot.

Then the exibitions match with wrestlers...that, i dont even know what to say about it...

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