mardi 3 février 2009


So in chronological order :


Wow is the first word coming in mind when i think about it.
Match was tight, kotetsu stick with low kick and his opponent was throwing hard punches.
As RISE favorise a lil bit more punch, i was seing kotetsu losing on the s
core. But then in the last round, right after his maybe 300th low kick :P , he surprises everyone (inclueding me) by sending a high kick that caught is opponent right on the jaw...
His opponent totally shut down for few minutes.
To tell the truth i was more worryed by his health than i would be happy for Kotetsu.
He finally recover and could leave the ring by himself.
Well done, man.


This fight was the opening of the new weight categorie in RISE of 65kg, wich is the perfect weight for Mizutani.
Once again he fought with a smile on his face.
Althought it sure wasnt easy to manage the size difference with his opponent (13cm). Mizutani did a good job with punch combination. But his opponent was using well his reach advantage to throw some good knees followed by clinch (i thought it was forbiden in RISE)
In the end Mizutani lost the decision, but once again he did put on a good show

the main event of the night, ITTABASHI Kan chan against Yuki for the 60kg belt.
Already in interview before match i heard about Yuki sounding kind of overconfident speaking of lack of experience from the scramble fighter.
But after 4 or 5 down received by Kan chan, im sure he did change is mind.Kan did won by unani;ous decision with a huge advance in score 44-49, 46-49, 43-49 yes he did :) is the new champion :

full report and pictures of rise here :

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