mercredi 4 février 2009

tought week-end

Didnt even had the time to celebrate with the new champion of rise, that it was already time to wake up for the AJKF event hold in shinjuku face.

first surprise, even a sunday morning there is always too much people everywhere.

arrived at shinjuku face, i was kind of pissed off that the girl at the counter ask me what i wanted.... Yes, you can be the only gaijin fighting in AJKF + win a belt, you are still a nobody for the ticket sellers ahaha

when i arrived, Itakura was already checking the ring.
He was more relax then usually and did a really good match.
his opponent was probably deconcerted by his new stance. (Naoto became a southpaw fighter recently)
He could connect a lots of kick, knees, elbows and punch, but still his oponent was the kind
tought able to take damage.
Naoto won by unanimous decision!!
And now lets go for the final sprint, wentz at J-net

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