vendredi 17 avril 2009


People usually ask me "why am i into boxing?.... whats my motivation?..."

 And the truth is i dont really know either, if you look at it :

- i already have a confortable job that pay the bills (thx god cause fight money is ridiculous when you compare to other sports)

- i dont need to financially support my familly or to escape poverty

- I dont have angst or hate to evacuate (my childhood was relatively quiet in the country side of france's alps)

- Im not trying to become famous. (anyway who knows K1 champions except people interested in sports. Most of french dont even knows Jerome Lebanner, same for swiss with Andy Hug)

Yepp Nothing of the usual "cliché".

In fact im just fighting cause i love every aspect of the sport,

 i love  :
- the specific training for each fight

- the satisfaction you feel after a hard training session where you could overcome your limit

- the taste of the food at the first diner following the weight check and a hard diet

- the pleasure to step on the ring against oponnents always stronger then the precedent

- All your friends who came along to cheer you up before, during and after the fight, and that in any outcome.

- the pain in your body when you wake up the very next day, reminding you moment of the bout

- the free days of relaxing (and parties also) after all that time spent training seriously

- when a new challenge already comes to me, and its time again to get back on track

Globally, im not fighting to become the best, or not just to win.

in fact, Im just fighting against myself.

Win doesnt matter that much to me, all that matter is to be satisfyed of myself,
 to get the feeling of having over-come my own limits.

Thats what really matter and give me the will to continue.

the same state of mind should apply in you daily life, it doesnt mater to be the best, or to beat your rival, it is to be satisfyed of yourself.

From there, your life will be full of achievement.

Just give the best of yourself, and life will give it back to you

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