mardi 30 mars 2010

Medical check day

Today was a day devoted to the medical regulations to fit in order to fight in the state of california.

We have been told it would take time, ...if only we have knew how long.

8am after a little jogging, lets start happy time with a wonderfull healthy breakfast.

Healthy or tasty, yes thats a gauffre Itakura is making :)

And then, LIMO TIME!!!

Straight to the medical center, arrived around 12pm, starting all kind of test, Blood, eyes retina, physical, and especially IRM or RMI scan.

And i attest all that on the name of the Governor Schwartzenegger himself, yeah baby.

Waiting was so long, i fall asleep during the 25min of RMI, i dont remember when we exactly finished but all i can say is by the time we ate something and drive to our new hotel, its was 22pm past.

On the way we had a look at the gym we have access to train at, Doblers's gym. Certainly the biggest gym i have seen so far. We will also do the interview and other stuff there.
More info tomorow about that.

for now its time to take my camomille thea and finally fall asleep

3 commentaires:

John a dit…

No finger in the ass test ? lol
Approved by Schwartzy, top of the pop ! ;)

chris a dit…

Nan mais il ma checker les boulles. si cest pas du service ca

John a dit…

Ils sont sympas ces amerlocs ;)