mercredi 31 mars 2010

L.A day 3

Alright, after all the annoying but necessary medical check, today we finally had a real day for us.

The hotel we are staying is in Fontana, 1hour drive from the coast. But once again we really appreciate the room we are staying at

Relaxing watching TV, or free wi-fi

Can kick it by the indoor pool if you feel like, or access the fitness room with treadmill.

After one more good breakfast, we all went for a morning training at the gym

OK here we are at Double dose gym, with the owner Bryan Dobler who is a real nice guy and passionate by the sports.

Everybody love the gym, include Nat and Andy

real huge gym

Yeah H.U.G.E i told ya

Good for the morning session, lets go eat something not too fat

Yeah thats about the best we could find

Miriam, a girl with bigger bicept then mine.
She will fight Angela parr, yepp john wayne parr's wife

Striked by the hung, we start to loose our mind..

We had a tour of the area, pass some stuff that remind me im in US
The holy place of the cheesecake lover

My only shopping so far

And now a little nap before afternoon training

see you later :)

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