mercredi 14 avril 2010

Fight pictures

Here they are, not so much to say as the pictures are quite expressive.

Globaly Malaipet arrived quite confident, he certainly didnt expect me to be challenging.
bad calculation, cause i really didnt wanted to do all this way for a lose

Lots of the beginning

His kicks are very fast and with a great timing,
but i have received much strongers by precedent fight.
Kuntap for example kicks much stronger

I duck a kick...

He ducks a kick...

"Might not be so easy finally" he must have tought

Ok, time to throw some elbows

When i do this face, something good is gonna happen :)

Dont think i dont know clinch

Annnnnd TWO BELTS!!

1 commentaire:

Anonyme a dit…

Congratulation for victory!
And so sad that you retire.
I wanted to see you again at differ Ariake.
Thank you very much for your good fight!